About Social Science Education Journal

Social Science Education Journal (SOSCED-J). The journal is cross-disciplinary and addresses societal issues in various dimensions. Academics in all fields being it Education, Science, Social Science, Humanities, Management Science, Medicine and others are giving the opportunity to make progressive contributions for national development.

This maiden edition of ‘SOSCED-J’ contains thirty one scholarly articles double-blind peer-reviewed articles by reputable editors in relevant areas. The articles are made up of empirical studies and theoretical discussions written by erudite scholars from within and outside the University. The journal promotes originality and dissemination of current research findings following the generally accepted international research standard. It is hoped that the contents of (SOSCED-J) maiden edition would be a very good material in addressing some of the recent societal problems plaguing the Nigerian Society.

All our knowledgeable authors are highly appreciated for their contributions. The managing editor, the editorial board members and the publication committee are immensely valued for a job well-done.

Looking forward to more scholarly contributions from researchers to this very educative and valuable journal in its next edition. Thank you.